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In this page, we have uploaded our programs, firmware, channel info, installation guidelines, and various advertisements including press materials. We really hope that you are finding good uses for them. This page includes firmwares and user-manuals that went as far back as of 2003 - even the legacy, famous BETA M07 Satellite Receiver and various large discontinued television/radio/VR antenna.

Firmware - Channel Info - Installation Guidelines - Press Materials

Latest Release: January 7 2014

For Digital Antenna Products

Digital Antenna (DVB-T2) Pamphlet (Thai) Download Here

Simple Guideline for Installation of Multiple Band Television Antenna (Thai-English) Download Here

Bilingual VHF-UHF-FM Indoor Antenna User Guide (Thai-English) Download Here

Advertising Poster for Digital Antenn HD-Series (English) Download Here

List of Television models with built-in digital tuner 
(TV models that do not require DVB-T2 Set-Top box) Download Here 

For Satellite Receiver Products

THAICOM6A Channel Migration Help (Thai-English) Download Here

BETA M89 (3rd Gen) Panel Soft-Buttons Information and How-To Chart Download Here

BETA M8 "WhiteBeast" Multiple Operating Systems Switch Leaflet Download Here

Satellite Programs Chart For Beta Satellite Receivers Download Here

Home Use Manual Booklet For M88 ~ M89 Receivers Download Here

Satellite Angles and Main Receiving Channels Chart for Multiple-Bands Satellites Download Here

Satellite Receiver Program Upgrade Through RS-323 Cable Hand-on Guide Download Here

Unlocking BISS Encrypted Channels Using KEY EDIT Function Download Here

Firmware For BETA M-89 Receivers (Home Usage)
M-89 3rd Gen (OTA + BISS + Backswitch) Download Here
M-89 2rd Gen (OTA + BISS) Download Here
M-89 1st Gen (OTA + USER-BISS) Download Here

Firmware For BETA M-88 Receivers (Professional) 
M-88 (LED OTA + Lock + RF-OUT Settings) Download Here

Firmware For BETA M-07 Receivers (OTA + Legacy Software) Download Here

For Satellite LNBFs, Multiswitches, and Accessories

Single Solution C-Band LNBF Installation Guide Download Here

Twin Solutions C-Band LNBF Installation Guide Download Here

NSS6 KU-Band LNBF Plus-Pairing Guide Download Here

Interesting Miscellaneous Items

Yingcharoen Communication Company Profile Download Here

Company Headquarter Map Download Here